Multistakeholder Forestry Programme

The Program seeks to support forest governance reform, with a particular focus on negotiation and implementation of an EU – Government of Indonesia Voluntary Partnership Agreement on Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT-VPA). The program objectives are to strengthen government and civil society partnerships at local and national levels to build capacity, empower community forest managers and develop and implement policy. In particular, the program will work to nurture and strengthen its network of Community Foundations in the regions, established with previous program support (MFP I).

This goal program are all traded Indonesian timber demonstrated legal, as a precondition for effective forest governance, sustainable forest management. MFP-II activities directed to achieve three main output :

  • Sufficient capacity to implement SVLK, especially within Community Based Forestry, SMEs, and Independent Forest Monitoring.
  • SVLK certified timber and timber products recognized nationally and in key international markets.
  • SVLK has a strong foundation in the forestry governance framework.